Vumo Celuna

CELUNA – line made for the good line.

By wearing these anatomic clogs and mules, your feet will be happy, because CELUNA relaxes and cherishes them, and mild bend forces you to overcome resistance while walking as if you are climbing, and will make miracles from your posture and muscle system.

CELUNA anatomic footwear design has used a revolutionary step, using a bold and scientifically designed utilization of ‘reverse line’ foundation. The back part of the bedding – lowered in relation to the front part – insensibly corrects your posture, spreads the muscles from both sides of your spine, firms your bottom and thighs, your whole body acquires healthy, strong and athletic appearance and the skin on your legs becomes tight, thanks to wearing this footwear.

You should wear your CELUNA clogs for one or two hours on the first day, and each following day you should prolong this time. Thus, your body and legs will get accustomed to a specifically bended anti-cellulite platform, and in a couple of weeks, with following advices for a healthy diet, you will see first good results in fighting cellulite.

It sounds incredible, but you have to try them in order to believe it!

The following was said about CELUNA clogs:

Kurir Newspaper, 21 June 2006

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